Unique investment-managed services in the global markets to generate you the value of financial freedom, Insta Pay Trading (IPT) utilizes investment strategies that focus on buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market. This type of investment involves trying to profit from fluctuations in currency exchange rates by buying currencies that are expected to appreciate in value and selling currencies that are expected to depreciate.

Gold managed investments, on the other hand, refer to investment strategies that involve buying and selling gold or other precious metals such as silver or platinum. The aim of this type of investment is to profit from changes in the value of gold, which is often seen as a safe-haven asset that can provide a hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty.

Both currency and gold managed investments can be accessed through various investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and managed accounts. These investments are typically managed by professional investment managers who use a variety of analytical tools and techniques to try to maximize returns while minimizing risk as the case in Insta Pay Trading.


Our services are inclusive of dedicated fund managers to look after your investments along with 24×7 support team, fund managers will work closely with the client to understand their investment goals, risk tolerance, and other specific requirements. Based on this information, they will develop a personalized investment strategy that is designed to meet the client’s objectives while managing risk effectively.

Once the investment strategy is developed, the fund manager will be responsible for managing the client’s investment portfolio, adjusting IPT AI for making buy and sell decisions as needed to optimize returns and manage risk. The fund manager will also monitor the performance of the investments in the portfolio and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the portfolio remains aligned with the client’s objectives.


Using IPT makes you enjoy our latest cutting-edge integrated technology to access your investment account reports and monitor your investments at anytime. Mobile/tablet apps are within your finger tips equipped with dashboards that allow our esteemed investors to monitor their investment portfolios in real-time.

We believe investment portfolio reporting and monitoring is an important part of managing investments effectively. By regularly evaluating portfolio performance and risk characteristics, investors can make informed decisions that can help them achieve their financial objectives while managing risk effectively.

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